Archiving the Universe

Stefan Klein
Archiving the Universe

130 x 190 mm
52 pages

Edition 50

14 €


Reflecting on the fact that dust was once something else – the walls of a city, the chief of the guard, a book, a big tree: dust is always the final destination – this ongoing archive consists of photographs that show dust of different moments – from everyday personal occasions to larger more abstract themes (a detonated bomb near Kiev, dust that settled on the floor of an exhibition space, grinded Tilidin or dust from the Sahara that made its way to Berlin..)

Appearing and dispersing in a constant floating state of being these tiny bits of matter create a rhythm of all things we and the world around us exist of. At first glance, the photographs appear to be a cartography of the universe, but they show details of tiny particles that have accumulated at various moments, contemplating on the fact that all matter is made of the same and becomes the same, connecting everything together.

Includes the essay „Deliberate and Refrained Aesthetics – Dust in a Frame“ by Andreas Rauh .