The booklet is a process-based record of an “on the ground” research visit by artist duo berte & harmey* to Białowieża Forest in the Podlaskie region in Poland in Jan/Feb 2023. Białowieża is a vast woodland located at Europe’s eastern border which is home to some of Europe‘s most fragile (endangered) species and habitats, yet is also the backdrop to a highly militarised and hostile environment to people on the move.

24 smartphone camera images act as a visual residue and show signs and traces of this charged geopolitical environment. On the cover of the booklet, there are words gleaned from both subjective in situ and refelctive remote research which come together as a bilingual (EN, PL) glossary.

berte & harmey is an artist duo formed by Cliona Harmey and Filip Berte to share research and to explore ideas around spatial politics, critical geography, historical legacies and socio-technical systems of exclusion and inclusion. Proceeds from the book will be donated to support the work of humanitarian NGOs working in the area around Białowieża.

Edition of 100
130 x 190 mm
58 pages